About Us

Our Story

Hi! I’m Prashant Shetty, founder of Thracica Pet Apparel. I’m a furdad to two lovely dogs – a big one and a small one. They already look good on their own, but I thought if I style myself with nice clothes, why can’t my dogs have nice outfits too? From then on, I was obsessed with getting nice clothes for my dogs. They love dressing up too!

That’s why I started Thracica Pet Apparel. I want every pet owner to have the opportunity to dress up their dogs in whatever fashion they see fit. We have a variety of styles and a range of sizes for every dog and cat to make a fashion statement of their own.

Explore and enjoy!

Our Guarantees

We love your pets as much as we love ours. Thracica Pet Apparel are all pet-friendly and comfortable for pets of appropriate sizes. We use materials that are non-allergenic to pets. Your furry ones will not be bothered with how the dresses feel on them.

Also, our products are exclusive to this company only. We sell our very own brands. You won’t find our pet dresses anywhere else in the market.

From Happy Clients

“I have bought dresses from this company before and was always happy with their clothing.”

-Donna S.